Membership Covenant

Below is our membership covenant that we ask each prospective to sign when they join our fellowship.


THE WAY: A Baptist Church in Clarksville

I __________________________________________:

a) affirm that I have received Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, acknowledging my sinful nature, and my complete dependence on God’s forgiving and enabling grace to be delivered from my sins and empowered to live a life that pleases Him.

b) affirm that I have committed my life to Jesus Christ as Lord – meaning that He has the right to control and direct my life through the working of His Spirit and the application of His Word to shape my character and behavior into His likeness, embracing those things that please Him and rejecting or yielding to Him whatever things are displeasing to Him or hinder me from loving and serving Him with an undivided heart.

c) affirm that I have been baptized, as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

d) affirm that I am in agreement with the church’s core doctrinal beliefs as found in attached document.

e) affirm my active support of the church’s vision, outlined in Article IV (Church Constitution), in the commitment of my time, resources, prayers, and personal engagement as long as I am in fellowship with The Way and physically able to do so. In addition to this I understand that as a member I am expected to be an active part of a home group.

f) affirm I shall work with its leaders, under the shared authority of Jesus Christ as the head of the church and of the Scriptures as His complete Word to humankind, to contribute to its well-being and that of my fellow-believers at The Way.

g) affirm that I have read the Church’s policy statement on discipleship and discipline, and that, with God’s help, I will seek to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ according to the principles outlined within. In doing so, I will attempt to resolve any disputes within this congregation according to the principles of Matt. 18:15-18, accepting the principles of church discipline outlined in Article 2(g) of the Church By-Laws.

SIGNATURE: _____________________________


CLASS COMPLETED: ______________ DATE: _____________________________